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Languages on a Plate

Languages on a Plate!

For improved language learning

We're currently in our testing phase, so please bear with us as we fine-tune everything. However, you're more than welcome to take advantage of our services, which will be regularly updated.

While we're testing, our Spanish Teacher programme has a significant discount.


Transform your teaching

Reclaim your time and energy by signing up to our Spanish Teacher Programme. Once registered, you will unlock immediate access to an extensive collection of Spanish teaching resources, meticulously designed to enhance your curriculum and elevate classroom engagement. In addition to our teaching resources, you can book training programmes and sessions to help improve your practice.

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Our services for teachers

Complete Lessons and Resources

Comprehensive lessons and useful resources featuring an extensive range of exercises encompassing video, audio, reading, writing, and grammar components for a thorough learning experience.


Exam-Specific Advice

Advice and tips geared towards British and international examinations. Advice and practice content from experienced teachers and examiners.


CPD and School Visits

Professional development and training services. In-person training and consulting to boost your/your department's practice. Contact us for a quote and plan (international school visits are also possible).


You're the boss!

Learn Spanish at your pace

Sign up for one of our courses or book a tutoring session to learn Spanish at your pace. Our courses are designed by a curriculum development expert and include guidance from an experienced teacher of Spanish. If you require something more hands-on, you can book one of our tutoring sessions.

Our services for learners

Independent Learners

Online courses and resources to improve your language skills at your own pace in your own time. Perfect for all levels ranging from beginners to university students.


Tutoring & Study Sessions

Opportunities to improve your language skills with in-person and online tutoring sessions.

Group learning sessions geared towards exam series.


Cultural Learning

A dedicated area for cultural knowledge. Information that covers a variety of cultural knowledge that is essential for learners of all levels.

Upcoming Events

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