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About us...

Welcome to Languages on a Plate, where the passion for language education meets practical needs.

A Brief Background:

Hello, I'm Chris, the founder of Languages on a Plate, and my journey with languages has been personally transformative. Each language I've learned has opened doors to diverse cultures, histories, and most importantly, connections.

Through my fluency in English, Spanish, Italian, and French, along with my proficiency in Portuguese, I've built connections with people across continents. Learning languages has brought me immense joy, which I'm eager to share with others.

My Colombian heritage plays a significant role in my teaching, allowing me to deliver Spanish resources with genuine authenticity. Spain and Latin America, while united by the Spanish language, boast distinct cultures, traditions, and idioms. In my resources, I ensure learners experience this rich diversity—from the historical depths of Spanish regions to the myriad of cultures spanning Latin America.

Teaching goes beyond a profession; it's my passion. In my classrooms, students find a blend of excitement and security. With my extensive experience in top UK schools, I've crafted a learning environment that combines joy and academic rigour. With Languages on a Plate, I extend this commitment to the digital realm, offering a perfect blend of fun and depth in language education.

My Mission:

  • Empower Fellow Educators: My goal is to empower fellow teachers with high-quality lessons and resources, understanding the challenges they face and the diverse needs of their students.

  • Serve Independent Learners: I've tailored content for those seeking genuine language proficiency or specific examinations, maintaining academic standards comparable to traditional classrooms.

The Path to Languages on a Plate:

Before founding Languages on a Plate, I developed a language learning platform for enthusiasts of Spanish, French, Italian, and English. This venture honed my skills in curating premium digital content.

I then immersed myself in classroom teaching, earning postgraduate teaching credentials from a leading UK university. During this journey, I mentored trainee teachers and led various subjects and departments.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, my experience and roles converged, revealing a need for comprehensive online resources. This led me to create resources for fellow educators and educate them on how to best use digital components in their teaching. 

My dedication to classroom teaching continued, and I gained invaluable experience leading new courses and wider school responsibilities. This journey culminated in the creation of Languages on a Plate.

My Pedagogical Journey:

  • Linguistic Mastery: I hold a degree in Spanish, Italian, and French from a top UK university, in addition to having lived in countries where those languages are spoken.

  • Teaching Excellence: I'm a fully qualified language teacher with a postgraduate qualification. This qualification led me to teach at many top schools in the UK.

  • Precision Through Examination: I also work as an official examiner for a leading UK exam board, which leads me to have a strong working-knowledge of what to look out for in assessments.

  • Digital Education Trailblazer: I've delivered thousands of online lessons and stayed at the forefront of ed-tech developments.

  • Leadership and Vision: I've led various academic departments, curated educational publications, and been involved in the admission selection process at a top private school.

  • Nurturing the Next: I've guided PGCE students towards teaching excellence and trained other teachers to improve their practice.

I welcome conversations, insights, and collaborations. To learn more about my professional journey, please connect with me and explore my other services.

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