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A Resource for Anyone and Everyone

At Languages on a Plate we have two primary focuses:

  • Provide teachers with outstanding lessons and lesson plans;

  • Provide independent learners with a more academic focus than most online language learning services.

Ready-to-go Lessons at an affordable price:

Born in darkness:

Languages on a Plate was born following the COVID-19 pandemic and the remote/hybrid learning that took place. We noticed that more so than ever (as if that was possible), teachers were stretched by being tasked with a million new responsibilities.

We had previously worked with supplying online resources to teachers, but in the pandemic, it became even more apparent that teachers needed time-savers in order to their job to the best of their ability. So, we went about creating lessons with a multitude of scaffolded activities so that the teachers that used our resources had less planning to do, and they could therefore focus on their specific pupils' needs.

Our lessons were met with really positive responses, so we decided to take it a step further and create this website so that we could help teachers help themselves.

We know that teachers are "time poor" (regardless of what certain parts of society would have you believe), so we offer our service at a very reasonable price. Our lessons might not be perfect for your classes' needs, but they should at least give you ideas and a baseline for content and activities to cover.

I'm a strong independent learner who don't need no class:

Fed up of rubbish apps that just test vocab memory?

Yup, we've been there too! That's why we have also created content for independent learners to work through. 

We also know how expensive in-person (and online) language courses can be, but we really believe in their value added to your language learning experience. 

That's why we've tried to create a reasonably cheap online learning experience that allows you to have the autonomy to work through content at your pace, but also have a basic level of human guidance instead of a mixture of AI algorithms.

Our credentials:

Although I've spent the whole page talking in the first person plural form, Languages on a Plate is currently a one-man-band business. That said, I do outsource to native speakers for proof-reading, writing articles and creating audio files.

My teaching experience:

  • ​Qualified teacher from one of the UK's best universities (graduating with the highest grade);

  • Have worked as an official examiner for one of the UK's main examboards;

  • Taught at 2 of UK's best private schools;

  • Also taught at an Ofsted "outstanding" state school;

  • Taught languages in 3 continents;

  • Taught thousands of lessons online (prior to the COVID-19 pandemic);

  • Have led 3 subject departments at one of the UK's best private schools;

  • Have a wealth of experience in innovating education (having previously worked as "Assistant Director of Learning and Innovation" at a top UK private school);

  • Trained and mentored PGCE students.

Classmates in the Library
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