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Grammar Sheets

1. Present Tense Regular Verbs.png

A screenshot from a grammar sheet

Our free grammar sheets are broken down into subsections, and comprehensive content. Therefore you can practise specific aspects of Spanish grammar, or take a more holistic approach. Each sheet also has answers at the back to check your learning.

Click on the title below to download the grammar sheet that interests you: 

Core Tenses:

The Present Tense:

  1. Regular Present Tense Verbs


More content coming soon.


Powerpoint Lessons

5. llevas una dieta sana.png

A screenshot from a Powerpoint lesson from our Spanish Teacher Programme

Our free Powerpoint Lessons are samples of lessons that we have in our premium section (Spanish Teacher Programme) for teachers to use in their lessons. Therefore if you want more like these, please subscribe to our Spanish Teacher Programme. If you want a more didactic learning as an independent learner, please check out our Courses section for guided video lessons.

Click on the title below to download the free Powerpoint lesson that interests you: 


  • ​¿Cómo celebras Navidad? 

    • Learning intention: to express how you normally celebrate Christmas in Spanish

    • Learning outcomes:

    • Recap regular verbs in the Present Tense

    • Introduction to Christmas related vocabulary and traditions

    • Write how you normally celebrate Christmas

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