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About Languages on a Plate

For improved language learning


Welcome to Languages on a Plate! 

Our website is dedicated to making life easier for language teachers. Whether you are a seasoned professional looking for new ideas, an early years teacher looking to bolster their arsenal, or a PGCE languages student eager to become the best teacher possible, we have resources for you.

University ab-initio students, independent learners (adult or school) looking to improve their comprehension, grammar and writing.

All lessons come with detailed lesson plans and solutions to exercises.

While we think we have done the bulk of the work for you, if you are a teacher or tutor, you might need to modify the lessons for differentiation purposes or time constraints.

At Languages on a Plate we aim to provide teachers and individual learners with high-quality resources at an affordable price.


We were set up by qualified language teachers who have spent years working in some of the UK's best schools and have built up a wealth of experience in lesson planning and pedagogy.

Our aim is to provide "on the plate, ready to go" lessons and resources for language teachers so they can spend their time doing what is best for their pupils. Our inspiration for providing this service came amidst the Covid-19 remote learning period in which teachers' workloads were unmanageable. We experienced the burnout first-hand and as a consequence we want to help teachers deliver engaging content to their language learners.

We also aim to provide individual leaners with solid resources to help them consolidate and improve their ability to compliment their studies outside the classroom.

For the 2021-22 academic year, we will provide Spanish resources, and intend to provide more languages in the near future.

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Resources to have constructive teacher training meetings and to improve your own practice.

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Resources to go teach and learn literature, film, TV and music.

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